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October is National Bullying Prevention Month. The PSC Anti-Bullying Committee is organizing a month of virtual events in October and additional events in November and December to confront workplace bullying at CUNY. The calendar is pasted below.

October 18-22 is Freedom from Bullies Week. 

  • Monday, October 18, 6:30 pm - Graciano Matos Remembrance Event, Register Here
  • Tuesday, October 19, 6:30 pm - Personal Story, Register Here
  • Wednesday, October 20, 6:30 pm - Unity Day, Register Here
  • Thursday, October 21, 6:30 pm - PSC Delegate Assembly Presentation  
  • Friday, October 22, 12:30 pm - Towards a Better Workplace, Register Here

Workplace bullying is repeated, unreasonable actions aimed at intimidating, humiliating, degrading or undermining an employee or group of employees (Clarion, June 2012). We know from testimony given during our DA and chapter meetings and through years of organizing that bullying is a real problem at CUNY. It’s a difficult issue, not easily solved by an employer or a union.   

CUNY management and the PSC agreed during the last round of contract negotiations to develop a joint campaign to address bullying in the workplace. That shared commitment was reaffirmed last fall, and the union is continuing this important work with the intention of further engagement with the University.   

Like all our work, confronting workplace bullying requires collective action and active solidarity. PSC members need guidance about how to address bullying when they experience or witness it.  But the culture of our CUNY workplaces must also be shifted so that bullying is universally unacceptable and our colleagues who are the targets of bullying feel empowered and supported, not alone or ashamed.  

To guide our anti-bullying efforts, the Committee members turned to the set of Community Norms and Practices adopted by the PSC in July, which call on us as PSC members and individuals to “nurture a work environment that is respectful and free from discrimination, harassment or bullying.” The commitments we make to each other in the norms and practices don’t have to apply to just our community of unionists, they can and should apply to our entire university community.  


MONDAY, OCTOBER 4, 6:30 pm | Bullying 101
A session on the costs of bullying at CUNY  
Speakers: Amy Jeu (Hunter), Clara Wajngurt (QCC), Nichole McDaniel (BCC), Angie Beeman (Baruch)
Download slides: Anti-Bullying Committee, Community Agreement, Bullying 101: Shedding Light on a Shadow Epidemic


WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 6:30 pm | Listening Session | Register Here
A discussion of possible anti-bullying contract provisions and policy language  
Speakers: Contract Enforcement and Principal Officers



WEEK OF OCTOBER 18-22 | Freedom from Bullies Week
A concentrated week of events to highlight workplace bullying 


MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, 6:30 pm | Graciano Matos Remembrance Event | Register Here
Matos, a PSC delegate and a staunch advocate against bullying at CUNY, was committed to changing policy and contract language related to workplace bullying.  


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 6:30 pm | Personal Story | Register Here
A City College CLT tells his bullying story. 
Speaker: Ali Askarinejad (City)


WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 6:30 pm | Unity Day | Register Here
Building solidarity to end bullying at CUNY  


THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21, 6:30 pm | PSC Delegate Assembly Presentation  
Committee members share information on the PSC’s anti-bullying work at the union’s monthly delegate assembly.  


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 12:30 pm | Towards a Better Workplace | Register Here
A lunchtime discussion on a #BullyFreeCUNY  


THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, All Day | #BullyFreeCUNY Anti-Bullying Digital Media Action Day  
Through coordinated social media, PSC members will share stories, tweet and post about workplace bullying -- its tactics, its effects and its costs.  
Tell your story to the Anti-Bullying Committee and a curated collection will be shared as part of #BullyFreeCUNY.


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 6:30 pm | Anti-bullying workshop | Register Here
A discussion on how to handle disagreements  
Speaker: Claudia Shacter-Dechabert (SLU)


MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 6:30 pm | Anti-bullying workshop | Register Here
A discussion on communicating in the CUNY workplace
Speaker: Soribel Genao (Queens)


BOOK GROUP :: Better Together

MONDAYS, FIVE WEEKS, 6:30 pm | Online
Dates: Nov 15, 22, 29; Dec 13, 20
Book to purchase: Bully Free at Work (eBook version) by Valerie Cade
To sign up, email Amy Jeu, Representative of the PSC Anti-Bullying Committee at