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February 2016

At a rally outside the Manhattan offices of Governor Andrew Cuomo, leaders of community groups from across the city gathered to demand that the state restore full funding to CUNY in order to forestall a proposed tuition hike and award a fair contract to CUNY employees.

CUNY management declared an impasse in contract negotiations despite the fact that management took five years to make an economic offer. "If there is an impasse in contract negotiations," PSC president Barbara Bowen noted, "it has been created by management."

PSC President Barbara Bowen explains how the PSC plans to address the impasse declared by CUNY management that could slow contract negotiations.

In mid-January Governor Cuomo released his proposed executive budget, which includes $240 million in back pay for CUNY workers and a $485 million dollar cut in the overall CUNY budget.

Learn how and when to meet with lawmakers, in the city and in Albany, to press the case for full funding for the university.

Members from across the university discuss why they're voting to authorize the Executive Council to call a strike, if deemed necessary to get a fair contract.

Hundreds of union members are engaging in one-on-one conversations with their colleagues, gauging their support for a strike authorization.

A case before the Supreme Court could dramatically alter the fate of public-sector unions. During oral arguments this January, conservative justices' questions signaled an anti-union outcome.

Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, the anti-union case recently heard by the Supreme Court, could lay the groundwork for making public employees strikes in New York and elsewhere legal.

State funding for the university began at its establishment in 1961 — not as a result of a fiscal crisis. A historian deflates the false narrative.