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April 2012

townhall38 - Falade - bigger - cropped 2.jpgOpposition to Pathways is growing. By March 23, a PSC petition calling for Pathways to be repealed and replaced had more than 4,100 signatures. Faculty governance bodies across CUNY are calling for Pathways to be put on hold and reassessed. And on March 20, the PSC and UFS leaders filed a lawsuit. Here's Clarion's coverage:

Pathways Under Fire: Calls for a Halt Are Growing
Pathways Petition Takes Off
Union Files Lawsuit Against Pathways
Hundreds Attend Town Hall Meeting
Voices from the Town Hall Meeting

Five months before the New Community College is slated to open its doors, the majority of the school's original founding faculty have resigned or been fired.

The American Legislative Exchange Council works behind the scenes for right-wing state legislation. Few know that the academic publishing company Elsevier has been a leading member.