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Reporting Surveillance on Your Campus

Is big brother watching at CUNY? Is campus surveillance threatening academic inquiry, free speech, free assembly, the right to privacy and/or academic freedom? Three recent incidents raise these questions: surveillance of Muslim student associations at CUNY by the NYPD; a case of confiscation of employee hard drives by CUNY investigators; and the stationing of uniformed security officers at teach-ins sponsored by the Hunter College PSC chapter in November and March.

Is a pattern developing? The Academic Freedom Committee of the PSC is collecting information on this subject. If you have witnessed or experienced incidents of surveillance or intimidation on campus, take a few minutes to report it (with confidentiality) to the committee, by e-mail, or by postal mail to: Academic Freedom Committee, PSC, 61 Broadway, 15th floor, New York, NY 10006.



Security Guards at Teach-ins? Hunter Chapter Speaks Out