Fund CUNY -- Send a Letter to your Legislator!

Updated: March 22, 2019
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Funding to help support our contract and CUNY students’ education is on the line. Legislators need to hear from us today—from all of us—before the April 1 budget deadline. Budget proposals from the Senate and the Assembly call for modest increases in funding for senior and community colleges. The Assembly plan would put CUNY on a path toward budget stability. The Senate plan is less generous to CUNY. Please make a call to your Senator AND send the NEW LETTER below.

The main Senate switchboard phone number is 518-455-2800. Ask to speak to your State Senator (find him or her here.) Tell them: CUNY is cannibalizing itself to cover unfunded costs, and students feel the cuts in their classrooms, counseling centers and elsewhere. CUNY needs much more than what is currently on the table in Albany to end the crisis and protect quality education. Tell your Senator to start by filling the TAP Gap at CUNY. The Gap cost CUNY colleges $74 million this year alone.


Enter your name and address and click "start writing" to see a letter you can send to your representatives in Albany. It's fully editable, if you want to make it a personalized message.