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May 2017

PSC Vice President for Part-Time Personnel Susan DiRaimo was one of many CUNY adjuncts from across the city who testified before CUNY’s Board of Trustees about the hardships adjunct instructors face with what the union called an unacceptable wage for part-time faculty. The union is demanding the city and state invest funds that would raise adjunct pay to $7,000 per course, bringing CUNY adjuncts in line with their peers at other institutions. DiRaimo, like many adjuncts, made it clear that she was not a part-time worker, but a full-time worker with part-time pay.

Highlighting the injustices of the Trump administration, PSC members will use May 1 as a time to engage students in discussions about today’s political struggles.

PSC President Barbara Bowen addresses how grossly underpaying adjuncts is both a pressing ethical issue and a management tactic to drive down wages and justify chronic underfunding of public higher education.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has finalized his college scholarship program, with much fanfare. But critics say it’s a deal that leaves many students unserved.

This year's state budget for higher education has mixed reviews. While there wasn't a proposed drastic funding cut like last year, needed investment for public higher education after years of defunding is absent.

Some graduate assistants were denied bonuses, so the GC chapter fought back.

Alan Pearlman, a dedicated PSC leader and activist, passed away unexpectedly. In his decades at CUNY, he leaves behind a legacy of serving students and striving to improve the working conditions of his colleagues.

PSC members urged city council members to include a $35 million increase to CUNY in the city budget. The increase would help reduce teaching load and give instructors more time for students and research.