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May 2011

12-hunter31.jpgOn Thursday, May 5, the PSC holds our biggest demonstration of the year. We will meet at City Hall at 4:00 pm and march to BMCC on Chambers Street. It’s time to say no to austerity for CUNY. There are alternatives. But for things to change, we have to make our power visible. We are marching to link our support for fair funding for CUNY with our demand for a fair contract. If you have a stake in either one, you should be there.

Community colleges face deep cuts in Mayor Bloomberg's budget proposal. With grassroots lobbying and protest in the streets, PSC members are pressing the City Council to restore these funds.

On March 31, the New York State Legislature approved an austerity budget that imposes deep cuts on the working and middle classes, in order to reduce taxes for the richest people in the state. The PSC was at the forefront of a wave of protest against these upside-down budget choices.

80th Street’s plan to restrict general education across CUNY has sparked widespread concern. Two Brooklyn College faculty members argue that it's a threat to faculty decision-making over curriculum, and won't solve the real problems that students face. What do you think?