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December 2019

With the largest voter turnout for a contract ratification in the union's history, PSC members overwhelmingly approved a memorandum of agreement that lifts wages for all and delivers substantial salary gains for part-time instructors and other titles. Now comes the next step: implementing the contract and organizing the membership for the campaign ahead.

Queens College, along with other senior colleges, face some dire budget cuts. Members are holding CUNY administration accountable and demanding that the administration advocate for CUNY.

Campus administration says it has dealt with a mold problem that sickened a handful of members. But workers say health concerns remain.

The PSC is working to address this common workplace problem through legislation, organizing and a new labor-management campaign.

The addition of a paid office hour for part-time instructors will boost adjunct pay. We look at what this major change will mean once it is implemented.

Humanities professors teach "critical thinking," but do they really teach students to confront societal problems? One scholar weighs in on the question.