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April 2019

Chanting "Full-time, part-time — all unite. Same struggle, same fight," the union escalated the campaign for a fair contract with a series of actions aimed at Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio. The clear message to the state, city and CUNY: the members are united.

The CUNY Board of Trustees has selected Queens president and former Hostos Community College president as the next chancellor.

Hundreds of classes were forced to relocate as decades of neglect contributed to burst pipes in a main building at Bronx Community College.

Campus chapters have hosted work-ins and grade-ins to demonstrate the kind of work PSC members do, and to build solidarity at the local level.

While 9/11 was nearly two decades ago, the heath effect of the WTC collapse still plague workers in Lower Manhattan, including at BMCC.

The PSC won three-year appointments for adjuncts in the last contract, and some are ready to reapply. The union provides some pointers for reappointment.