In-House Grievance Counselors

Updated: November 2, 2021

Counselors for Full-Time Faculty

Please refer to the Chapter Grievance Counselors page to find your local Grievance Counselor. Unless otherwise noted, grievance counselors are faculty or staff at a CUNY campus. If you would like to speak to an In-House Counselor please see the options listed below.

Carla Cappetti

Victoria Chevalier

Howard Prince


Counselors and Advisors for HEO Series

Campus HEO Advisors

Hunter College: Keith Okrosy
John Jay: Rulisa Galloway-Perry
KCC: Peter Santiago
LaGCC: Renee Freeman Butler
Medgar Evers: Angela Eustace

In-House HEO Counselors

BCC/BxEOC, CCNY, Guttman, Hostos, Law School, CLTs
Greg Douros, PSC Coordinator of Contract Administration

Baruch, BMCC/MEOC, Central Office, GSPHHP, Lehman, NYCCT/BEOC
Faye Moore, PSC Coordinator of Contract Administration

Brooklyn, CSI, Queens
Alex Romeo, HEO Grievance Counselor

Grad Center, SLU, SoJ, QCC, York/QEOC
Eduardo Zevallos, PSC Organizer 

Counselor for College Lab Technicians

Greg Douros, PSC Coordinator of Contract Administration

Advocate and Counselors for Adjunct Instructional Staff

Adjunct Advocate

For questions relating to issues other than non-reappointment, rescission of appointment, or investigative meetings, please contact Adjunct Advocate Marcia Newfield

Adjunct Counselors

Meg Feeley

BCC/BxEOC, Central Office, CSI, HCC, GCC, KCC, MEC
Ruben Rangel

Carol Rial

Baruch, CCNY, QCC, GC
Stan Wine

PSC Contract Enforcement Staff

Call the PSC Office: 212-354-1252

Faye Moore, Interim Director of Contract Administration,

Greg Douros, PSC Coordinator of Contract Administration

Emma Powell, Coordinator of Contract Administration, (Currently on leave, contact Faye Moore)

Peter Zwiebach, Legal Director,