Tell us why you're joining the campaign for $7K.

Increasing adjunct pay at CUNY to $7,000 per course is essential for student success. It's also a matter of wage justice.

Share with us your personal reason for supporting our union's contract demand for $7,000 per course minimum pay for adjuncts. We'll share a quote from your statement on social media along with your name and school. We may also report it in testimony or cite it during contract negotiations.

Members of the 7K Campaign Committee may contact you to ask more about your story.

We'll @ you when we share your statement.
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This isn't mandatory, but it would really help! Upload a photo of yourself here (2 MB max file size) and we'll photoshop your words onto the photo before we share it with the hashtag #7KCUNY. Users of newer IPhones may have some trouble uploading their photos. If your photo won't upload here, email it to