Save Lives, Save Jobs, Save CUNY!

Updated: October 21, 2020
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Send a Letter: Tell Governor Cuomo to Tax the Rich to protect funding for CUNY, public schools, and vital services. More than 2 million jobs were lost in New York while the rich grew richer. New York cannot let their gain come at the expense of CUNY, of public schools, of the working people of our state.

Call Your Colleagues: Sign up here to volunteer to call your colleagues. In this time of pandemic virus, mass layoffs, deepening austerity and racist state violence, building connections between union members is more important than ever. Every member of our unit deserves to be heard about their health and safety concerns and the threats to their livelihood and working conditions. And every CUNY worker is needed in the fight to Save Lives, Save Jobs, Save CUNY.

Take the Survey: Have you been called to on-campus work? Tell us here. The PSC needs to hear from you right away so we can fight for you!

Volunteer in Battleground States: Sign up here for virtual phone banking. Join with other PSC members to call union voters in Wisconsin, Florida and Pennsylvania to turn out votes for the Biden/Harris presidential ticket.


Adjunct Actions and Resources

Links for adjuncts on non-reappointment, health insurance and unemployment insurance

Health & Safety: A Safe Return to Campus During COVID-19

A comprehensive list of union-developed checklists and documents for a safe return to campus

Impact Bargaining

Agreements on Deferring Tenure Review for Full-time Faculty, CCEs and CLTs and Deferring Sabbaticals


One of two PSC ads run on cable TV and social media in May and June.