Our Benefits

Your Benefits -- An Overview

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The benefits PSC members receive—from healthcare and pension benefits to professional development grants to disability and death benefits—are paid for by contributions from our employer, CUNY. Those contributions are negotiated during bargaining as part of members’ compensation. Maintaining and improving benefits is thus part of the union’s contract campaign during negotiations and an important reason for members to get involved in the contract campaign.

PSC members’ healthcare benefits are organized and funded through two different sources. For full-time employees, our primary health benefits (covering things like doctor’s visits, emergency care and hospitalization) are administered through the NYC Employee Health Benefits Program. This is a citywide fund that all the municipal unions bargain together with city to negotiate the terms of; as part of this larger citywide plan, PSC members enjoy a level of benefits possible through the cost savings realized from a larger plan. In addition, full-time employees receive a series of supplemental benefits through the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund, ranging from dental care to optical benefits and more. Eligible part-timers receive their primary healthcare coverage through the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund. The terms and contributions of this fund are set in individual negotiations between the PSC and CUNY and by a Board of Trustees.

Below is a list of benefits covered in this section.