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Updated: April 18, 2017
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OUR FOCUS: Climate change is a fact. The wider and deeper the understanding of its nature, its causes and its impact, the more effective the PSC can be in crafting an appropriate response.

TeachScience.jpgClearly, in the realm of public policy, responses to climate change raise questions of environmental justice that, directly and indirectly, now and over the long term, affect the CUNY community and the city of which it is a crucial part. We believe that the PSC must work actively within the university and with allies outside to share information and mobilize support for initiatives that place racial and class equity at the center of public responses to the climate crisis. Our particular focus is the CUNY community and its constituency.

Elizabeth Yampierre, one of several community activists speaking at our Nov. 30 Climate Justice Forum.

The Environmental Justice Working Group will:

  • work with our City University partners to widen and deepen the understanding across the CUNY community of the nature, causes and impact of climate change
  • take a census of faculty who teach climate change-related courses as well as those who administer climate related initiatives centrally and on the campuses;
  • coordinate CUNY-wide discussions of the possibilities for information sharing and collaboration;
  • support CUNY’s clean energy and community solar efforts, and the many campus-based initiatives that elevate environmental justice issues through teaching, activism, and the building of community a
  • work to define a distinctive PSC perspective on what an environmental justice agenda for CUNY should look like;
  • evaluate the most effective ways to collaborate with environmental justice groups outside the university, and particularly our sister unions;
  • hold forums and workshops to facilitate the above.

We believe that these objectives are not only legitimate in themselves for a social movement union, but have the potential to draw additional members to an active role in union life.

PCMbuton.jpgBUILDING FOR APRIL 29: "We resist. We build. We rise." Join the People Climate March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate, Washington D.C., April 29th.

Together with other environmental, labor and campus groups in NYC, the PSC Environmental Justice Committee is working to mobilize a large PSC, labor and CUNY contingent for the April 29th march in Washington.

(Read Tom Angotti's article, "All out for April 29 March for the Environment" in the March Clarion).

BUS.jpgPSC BUSES TO DC: The PSC is sponsoring two buses for members at reduced cost. One will leave from the PSC in lower Manhattan (61 Broadway) and the other from Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. Buses board at 5:30 am and leave at 6 am sharp. To reserve a place and make your payment, click here.

Those taking a PSC bus should pack a lunch and water.

FLYER: You can download a flyer for the march and PSC buses here.

TOOLKIT: The march organizers have produced a useful toolkit for building for the march which you can link to here.

OTHER BUSES TO THE D.C. MARCH: If the lower Manhattan and Brooklyn departure points for the PSC buses are not convenient for you, there are other organizations chartering buses from multiple locations. Check out bus registration for PCMNY and 350NYC.

If you are going to D.C. by alternative transportation and wish to connect with the PSC contingent, we'll be joining other trade unions from 11 am to 12 pm for a rally at the U.S. Department of Labor, 200 Constitution Ave NW (between 3rd and 2nd Streets NW). From there it is short walk to the main march. Look for the red and white PSC placards.

Better yet, click here., which will take you to the site to purchase tickets on the PSC buses. But instead of buying a seat, you are going to click "tickets" and then scroll down to and click "UPDATES ONLY (free)." Complete the requested information. This way, you will get the same updates as those who purchased tickets about the meet-up location and plans for the PSC contingent in Washington.

SISTER MARCHES: It is important that the D.C. march be as big as possible. But if you absolutely cannot do D.C., click here to see if there is a sister march near you.


Environmental Justice Committee Meetings

  • Monday, April 17, 6 pm at the PSC office, 61 Broadway, 15th floor.

CUNY Campus Events

Brooklyn College

  • Climate Justice Organizing: The DC March for Climate, Jobs & Justice. The Next Big Thing"
    Nancy Romer, Professor Emerita, Brooklyn College
    Thursday, April 6, 12:30-1:30 pm
    2127 Ingersoll Hall
    Part of a weekly series, "BC Against Trump"

John Jay

  • Monday-Wednesday, April 24-26: John Jay EcoCinema Café Fiim Festival (West End Student Caféteria).
  • Spring 2016 Environmental Club Events: “Plastic Challenge,” Gardening & Cosmetic Workshops, Talk On Trump And Global Warming, Environmental Play (dates TBA)
  • John Jay Contact Information: Alexander Schlutz, Coordinator of Sustainability and Environmental Justice minor: aschlutz@jjay.cuny.edu;
    Lindsey Kayman, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, organizer of Sustainability Council and Film Festival: lkayman@jjay.cuny.edu;
    Mary Ting, Curator of Endangered! and speaker on Wildlife Issues: mting@jjay.cuny.edu.

Beyond CUNY/ Beyond NYC -- National and Regional Events



CUNY and New York

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