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Contributions to PSC/CUNY-COPE have helped to improve our livelihood and work lives; they have advanced policies of equality, dignity, and empowerment for all working people.  But the political and social progress we’ve made is now under attack. We must resist in the streets, at the ballot box and in the halls of power. Giving to PSC/CUNY-COPE is one way to empower the resistance.

PSC/CUNY-COPE contribution helped us win the back pay and raises in our pay checks. We will need significant contributions to PSC/CUNY-COPE for our next contract campaign, which begins in the fall.    Most importantly, we (you!) need PSC/CUNY-COPE to be strong enough to rise to challenges of this political moment.

Please sign up for regular payroll deductions, or make a one-time contribution in the form of a check payable to PSC/CUNY-COPE.  (Retirees and RF members can only contribute by check.

Fill out this web form to request a PSC/CUNY COPE enrollment card.