“As a union including hundreds of Puerto Rican faculty and staff, and working with thousands of Puerto Rican students in New York, we support our brothers and sisters because we know, as they do, what it takes to fight back against cuts and how to take on the powerful and win,” she said at the rally.

Union activists will be asking their fellow members to sign recommitment cards as a way of building cohesion as the likelihood of a loss of agency shop fees in the public sector appears to grow.

Adjuncts made a significant gain – better job protections – in the current contract. Now, the union is making sure they get their due.

Citing the mayor's record in bolstering progressive causes and securing more money for CUNY, PSC members overwhelmingly endorsed Bill de Blasio for reelection.

President Donald Trump's nomination of conservative judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court raises the near certainty that after his confirmation the Court could quickly overturn a decades-long precedent enabling unions like the PSC to collect agency shop fees. The aim of the so-called "right-to-work" cases is to destroy the political power of public-sector unions and roll back the economic gains they have made.

The union has announced important updates on tax refunds for Medicare Part B health coverage. Make sure you are informed.

Update membership | March 2017