Citing the mayor's record in bolstering progressive causes and securing more money for CUNY, PSC members overwhelmingly endorsed Bill de Blasio for reelection.

President Donald Trump's nomination of conservative judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court raises the near certainty that after his confirmation the Court could quickly overturn a decades-long precedent enabling unions like the PSC to collect agency shop fees. The aim of the so-called "right-to-work" cases is to destroy the political power of public-sector unions and roll back the economic gains they have made.

The union has announced important updates on tax refunds for Medicare Part B health coverage. Make sure you are informed.

Update membership | March 2017

For years, CLIP and CUNY Start teachers have been advocating for their work to be recognized as more than "part-time." Thanks to their organizing, the instructors now have full-time status with some added job security that comes with that status.

Union members in the Graduate Center chapter organized once they found out the drinking water in an School for Professional Studies building was unsafe. They pushed for continued testing until the levels in all tests were below EPA action levels.

Pressing for accountability from lawmakers can begin in your own neighborhood. One union member shares how she organized a packed community meeting where attendees voiced their support for progressive causes to their state senator, Jose Peralta, who recently joined the Independent Democratic Conference, which has enabled Republican control of the state senate.

PSC is pressing lawmakers in Albany to ensure that the upcoming state budget includes full funding for CUNY.

Thousands of environmental activists will converge in Washington DC at the end of April, calling for "good jobs, justice for communities and clean energy." Now is an important time to join the movement as President Trump aims to roll back environmental progress.