The PSC bargaining team spent months carefully crafting demands for the entire bargaining unit. Several team members reflect on the demands and prepare to bargain with CUNY for a new contract.

Thousands of members have signed new membership cards in preparation for a potential negative ruling at the Supreme Court.

Faculty, staff and students demanded CUNY’s Board of Trustees urge Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign a bill for fair funding of CUNY.

Honoring Alan Pearlman | November 2017

The current PSC-CUNY contract expires on November 30. The union’s bargaining team is listening to members and preparing demands.

The rollout of the Excelsior Scholarship, which would provide free tuition to those who qualify, has revealed some structural problems with the program.

Nationwide, academics are concerned about the rise of “fake” academic journals targeting professors. PSC members are taking note.

15-minute activist | September 2017

Why local politics matter