In the last PSC contract with CUNY, Higher Education Officers (HEOs) made some important gains for improving our opportunities for reclassification and salary advancement. HEOs do not have a promotional system, as faculty have, and many of us experience the frustration of being unable to advance in salary although we have increased responsibilities. The 2010-2017 contract included a new provision for a salary increment of $2,500 for HEOs at the top step for their rank, and introduced improvements in the system of reclassification to higher ranks. Since the contract was ratified, HEOs have been the driving force in implementing these provisions and have shown how a strategy of member-driven contract enforcement can build union power. We now find ourselves in a strong position to confront the anti-union Supreme Court decision expected in Janus v. AFSCME, and we are better prepared to begin negotiating our next collective bargaining agreement.

Jennifer Harrington, an assistant director of academic advisement at Baruch College, called home visits a “tried-and-true campaign method.”

Organizing for the future

A family haunted by ICE, and faculty respond

2018 PSC Elections Deadline

The deadline for filing for candidacy for the upcoming union-wide elections is January 8, 2018.The spring elections are for the PSC’s principal officer positions of President, First Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary; for Vice Presidents for Senior Colleges, Community Colleges, Part-Time Personnel and Cross-Campus Units; and for the other 19 positions on the PSC Executive Council. Members will also elect delegates to the AFT, NYSUT and AAUP. Read more for other deadlines and election rules. To vote, you must have been a PSC member as of December 4, 2017.

The union has criticized a School of Professional Studies dangerous governance plan that would cut out faculty input. It could be a model for other schools.

“I’m not leaving labor behind,” Bergen told Clarion. “I’m just doing it differently.”

Members at the CUNY Research Foundation’s central office overwhelmingly approved a new contract with pay and leave gains.

The PSC bargaining team spent months carefully crafting demands for the entire bargaining unit. Several team members reflect on the demands and prepare to bargain with CUNY for a new contract.