Reappointment Notification Deadlines for Adjuncts and Full-Time Faculty—Dec. 1

Updated: November 29, 2018
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For full-time faculty (excluding lecturers) in their second and subsequent years of service, lecturers in their third and subsequent years of service, and adjuncts appointed by semester, written notification of reappointment/non-reappointment must be received by 12/1/18. Grievances on this issue must be filed by 1/17/19. If you are due notice of reappointment/non-reappointment by the December 1 deadline and do not receive it or if you are notified that you have been denied reappointment, please notify your chapter grievance counselor immediately. Here is a list of PSC’s chapter contract enforcement officers. Grievance counselors can also be contacted at the PSC central office (212-354-1252). Under the terms of the PSC contract, grievances relating to non-reappointment must be filed within 30 days, excluding Saturday, Sundays and legal holidays, of the scheduled dates of notification.