PSC Watchdogs Give Out Second Annual Environmental Justice Award

Updated: October 27, 2015
Back row left to right: Jonathan Vandenburgh, Raisa Rexer, Leander Vandenburgh, Bijan Kimiager, Scott Fisher and Daniel Robie. Back row left to right: Joan Greenbaum, Jean Grassman, Dave Kotelchuck, Harry Bubbins and Roberto Mukaro Borrero.

On the sunny Saturday of March 24, PSCers along with Roberto Mukaro Borrero, Friends of Brook Park Board Member, gathered at Brook Park in the South Bronx to give out the second annual Environmental Justice Award. This year's winner is Harry Bubbins, Director of Friends of Brook Park ( Bubbins and the crew of neighbors and friends have made a garden haven in 'asthma alley'. March 24 was a work day for friends and neighbors to plant trees and prepare their vegetable plots. The group also does outreach programs with youth taking them kayaking in the Bronx Kill and actively learning about and cleaning up the waters in the South Bronx. Bubbins is one of many coordinators of the Fresh Direct campaign. The campaign's goal is to stop Fresh Direct from having their truck loading station in the area.

The PSC Environmental Health and Safety Watchdogs are committed to expanding environmental justice projects around CUNY. If you are interested in working with us please contact us at: