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Tell Governor Cuomo, "New York can't wait—pass the Invest In Our New York Act NOW.

People in New York are hurting — with the students and communities served by CUNY bearing the brunt of sickness and job loss. Working-class and poor New Yorkers, Black and brown people, and immigrants need more investment in the institutions that serve their communities. But Governor Cuomo has "withheld" 20% of State funding for CUNY since the start of the COVID crisis.

During the pandemic recession CUNY has endured cuts and adjunct layoffs and 60% of New Yorkers have lost income. But New York’s 120 billionaires have grown $77 billion richer.

Governor Cuomo and the Legislature can fully fund CUNY and rebuild our economy by ending tax breaks for the wealthiest New Yorkers. That’s why the PSC is an active member of the growing coalition of groups campaigning for the Invest In Our New York Act, a package of bills that would end tax breaks for the wealthiest New Yorkers and raise $50 billion to invest in CUNY, housing, health care, schools and teachers, towns and cities, workers and youth. The campaign launched this week with events throughout the state. Learn more at

Dear PSC Members:

I hope this finds you and your loved ones in good health at this difficult time.

I’m writing to update you on the union’s fight for our contractual salary increase and to share information about the delay. CUNY management’s unilateral decision to break our contract cannot go uncontested, even at a time of economic crisis. The decision to delay our raise was not inevitable; it represents a choice by the CUNY chancellor to impose hardship on the faculty, staff and students rather than oppose the State’s austerity funding.

The deadline for filing for candidacy for the upcoming union-wide elections is January 11, 2021. The declaration of candidacy form is available here online and must be emailed to by January 11, 2021. The spring elections are for the PSC’s principal officer positions of President, First Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer; for Vice Presidents for Senior Colleges, Community Colleges, Part-Time Personnel and Cross-Campus Units; and for the other 19 positions on the PSC Executive Council. Members will also elect delegates to the AFT, NYSUT and AAUP. To vote, one must be a PSC member as of December 1, 2020. Deadlines & Dates for the 2021 Election are posted below. COVID protocols for petitioning and delivery of petitions to the PSC office will be posted here soon.

On Thursday November 12, the City Council Higher Education and Labor Committees held an online oversite hearing about adjunct employment at CUNY. The hearing started with testimony by the CUNY administration and questions from the Council. There were some very heated exchanges between members of the committee and CUNY officials.

During National Bullying Prevention month, the University and the PSC reaffirm our commitment to a workplace that recognizes the dignity and worth of every person.

Respect for every person’s worth is fundamental to a university, particularly to CUNY, which was founded on principles of inclusion. On behalf of the University and the PSC, we remain resolute in our commitment to a workplace that respects all employees, honors the dignity of all students, faculty and staff, and does not tolerate discrimination or harassment. To further support our shared commitment to a dignified, respectful workplace, the University and the PSC have agreed to develop a joint campaign regarding bullying in the workplace.

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Online Press Conference, Sunday, October 18, 2PM

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Protestors Demand Transparency about State’s 20% “Withholding” of CUNY Funding and CUNY’s Use of CARES Act Funding

As a union of 30,000 academic workers in New York City, the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY stands in solidarity with the teachers, office workers, and cafeteria and maintenance staff at Brooklyn Friends School who are on the picket line right now defending their right to be represented by a union.