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During the week of April 4, the labor movement, progressive organizations, the faith community, students, academics and concerned Americans from all walks of life are commemorating the anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King with solidarity marches for economic and social justice.

Albany made a choice, just a few hours before dawn on March 31, to crush the hopes of a generation of students while handing out tax breaks for the richest New Yorkers.

By John Tarleton

More than 150 CUNY faculty, staff and students decended on the State Capitol March 23 to protest against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed budget cuts. Thirty-three people were arrested when they peacefully blockaded the entrance to Cuomo’s office, making headlines across the state for challenging the political establishment’s drive to impose austerity on ordinary New Yorkers while bestowing tax cuts upon the State’s wealthiest residents. Below are the voices of some of the participants.

Community, tenant, trade union and student activists protesting outside legislative chambers on 3/30.

Frances Fox Piven (CUNY Graduate Center) and Cornel West (Princeton), inspired by the Wisconsin resistance against the agenda of endless cutbacks for working people (promoted in the name of balancing the budget), will moderate a national teach-in on Tuesday, April 5th. Their purpose: Build nationwide resistance to this austerity agenda.

By John Tarleton

Cries of “tax the rich” filled the narrow streets of the Financial District late Thursday afternoon as a coalition of student, labor and community groups marched from City Hall to Wall Street. Dozens of PSC members and CUNY students were among the crowd of more than 1,400 protesters who called for higher taxes on the rich and an end to budget cuts that harm ordinary people.

Hundreds of students, faculty and staff from CUNY and SUNY gathered to urge the legislature to restore public funding for higher education.

Critical action on the New York State budget will be taken this week. The State Senate and Assembly will issue their responses to the Governor’s budget—including their positions on whether to raise revenue and whether to accept the Governor’s multi-million dollar cuts to CUNY.

This week is our chance to make sure that the final budget deliberations include at least a discussion of progressive sources of revenue and restoration of CUNY funding. If those positions are not included now, they will not be part of the final budget deliberations.

Act now!

With humor and a sharp political bite, Jim Perlstein, co-chair of the PSC Solidarity Committee, addresses thousands of New Yorkers at a 2/26/11 City Hall Park rally in support of Wisconsin trade unionists.

Chanting “We are all Wisconsin”, a crowd of more than 500 people rallied outside Fox News's Midtown headquarters early Tuesday evening to show their support for public workers in Wisconsin.