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CUNY was once free; it can be free again — and well-funded.

Tens of thousands of poor and working-class New Yorkers, particularly people of color and immigrants, depend on CUNY as a gateway to good-paying jobs and mobility. But only 2 in 10 community college students graduate within 2 years. That is unacceptable.

To succeed, CUNY students need:

  • Free tuition
  • Individualized advising and faculty mentoring
  • Free MetroCards
  • Free textbooks

There is already a program that provides these things – ASAP (Accelerated Study in Associate Programs) and ACE (Accelerate Complete Engage).

Investing in and improving ASAP and ACE means doubling graduation rates, giving students access to upward mobility while saving the state $6,500 per graduating student in the long run. And, as NYS and NYC grapple with widening disparities, ASAP and ACE are powerful engines for racial and economic justice.

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High temperatures are unhealthy and potentially dangerous. Those with cardiovascular disease are at higher risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, as are those who are older, overweight, or have chronic health conditions. As you know, many CUNY classrooms have woefully inadequate cooling and ventilation. Also, many parts of the city, including CUNY colleges, will be operating with reduced electrical power for at least part of today, which means less cooling The non-mandatory (but commonly accepted) standards are that summer indoor temperatures not exceed the range of 75 - 80.5 F.

Recommendations for overly hot classrooms & offices (> 86 F (30 C))

Contact Buildings & Grounds/Facilities at your campus to let them know you have a HEAT EMERGENCY in your classroom or office. Many campuses have an recommended number for URGENT situations, USE IT! If that is not possible, call the listed number and speak with a person. Also, contact your department about the problem.

March for Climate, Jobs, and Justice

Thursday, September 6, @ 5:30 in Battery Park
PSC members will meet in front of the snack bar near the water.

Join the PSC and People’s Climate March-NY’s coalition of labor, environmental, and community groups as we gather and push elected officials to act more boldly to implement a just transition to 100% renewable energy, halt all fossil fuel infrastructure and make polluters pay. The PSC will be with the labor contingent, so look for our red "In Solidarity" signs. Click here to register for the march at the PCM-NY website and here to invite friends to the Facebook event.

Sept 6 @ Battery Park kicks off the events across the country in advance of the Global Climate Summit being held in San Francisco.

Take the R or #1 train to South Ferry or the #4-5 train to Bowling Green.