Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Updated: March 26, 2022
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The Executive Council of the Professional Staff Congress joins fellow union leaders and locals in the U.S. and abroad to express our condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and our deep concern for the Ukrainian civilians being killed, wounded, displaced, and terrorized in this unnecessary war. Our concern extends to the dissenters in Russia who are opposing Vladimir Putin’s aggression at great risk to themselves and their families. Many of our members and students have families directly connected to the conflict, and we express our solidarity and pledge to do what we can to support them through this period. Our union has a long history of opposing war, supporting international solidarity among working people, and insisting that all people deserve to live in a just, stable, and peaceful world. As educators, we value communication, dialogue, and mutual understanding as modes for resolving conflict, and we hold out hope that diplomacy and an avoidance of escalation can help bring an end to this war.

We encourage PSC members to consider donating to the AFT Disaster Relief Fund (, which is working with teachers unions in countries that border Ukraine to provide assistance and services to refugees.