NYC Women's March: PSC was in the House

Updated: January 23, 2017
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On Saturday, January 21, over 1,000 people -- faculty, staff, family, friends, students and other trade unionists -- marched with the PSC in NYC Women’s March.

The Mayor’s office estimated the NYC event at 400,000, with thousands still marching long after sunset. Millions – some estimates as high as 4 million -- participated in 673 events in all fifty states and on seven continents. There was even a rally in Antarctica.

The PSC contingent reflected the energy and diversity of the larger march. Some were part of an organized demonstration for the first time; others were veterans of many decades of protest. The majority were women, but lots of men marched. The line of march spanned generations, races and issues.

The question now for the millions of marchers is how to translate so much positive and visible energy into effective progressive, political organization .