Tell Albany to Give CUNY Students the Resources They Need

Updated: March 2, 2018
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As Albany legislators and Governor Andrew Cuomo work to finalize a state budget by the end of March, you can have a voice by sending this letter urging greater investment in CUNY.

CUNY is a national leader among colleges in moving students from poverty into the middle class, but it needs additional funding. New York has invested significant resources in students’ financial access to college, but too little in students’ success when they are enrolled. Long-term public disinvestment and failure to provide the funds needed to keep up with CUNY’s growing enrollment have led to a dire shortage of full-time faculty, exploitation of thousands of low-wage adjunct faculty, less individual attention for students, and tuition hikes.

Send a letter urging your legislators to support the PSC’s budget agenda.

Learn more about the PSC's fight for full state funding of CUNY.