Help CUNY Rising #VaxUpCUNY

The PSC has received a $100,000 grant, supported by the AFT’s Back to School for All initiative, to fund a campaign to promote student vaccination while building the movement for a free, fully funded and accessible CUNY. CUNY Rising Alliance will help run a campaign to incentivize vaccination and educate students about how COVID has exposed the harm caused by years of austerity for CUNY. Students who are already vaccinated can fill out this form for a chance to win a laptop or one of several cash prizes that will be raffled off this Fall. PSC members can help by spreading the word on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and by sharing the campaign entry link in the chat of your virtual classes. The PSC is also urging faculty to consider allowing a CUNY Rising organizer to make a very short presentation about the campaign during one of your online class meetings. Fill out this form to invite an organizer to attend your class(es). A CUNY Rising organizer will follow up with you to confirm.

Adjuncts teaching at more than one campus should submit one form for each campus.
If you are teaching a second course section that you would like to invite a CUNY Rising organizer to, please fill in the information here. If you have additional courses, please provide the information for them in the comments box below.
Tell us more about when and how you'd prefer a CUNY Rising organizer to present to your students. If you have additional scheduling requirements, questions or requests, please indicate them here. If you have additional couse sections you wish included, for each class, indicate the course title and the day/time when you'd like a CUNY Rising presentation to be scheduled.
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