Contract Actions on Your Campus

Updated: March 7, 2019
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PSC chapters are organizing grade-ins, picket lines, and other actions on CUNY campuses to demand a fair contract with raises for all and $7K for adjuncts. Contact your chapter chair to get involved and help build pressure on CUNY management, Albany and City Hall. The developing list of campus actions that you can be a part of is posted below. We'll add new events as PSC campus chapters lock in the details.

Campus Action Date
Baruch College Tabling | Membership Blitz | Grade-Ins + Tabling Mons & Weds 11 am-4 pm | March 5 | Week of March 18
Bronx CC Grade-In March 11 & 12
BMCC Grade-In March 7 & 13
Brooklyn College Grade-In March 5
City College Grade-In/Work-In Every Thursday, 12:30-1:30
College of Staten Island     Informational Picket March 26
Hostos CC Rally March 7, 12pm, 3rd floor bridge
Hunter College Budget Campaign Tabling February 25
John Jay College Grade-In March 6
Lehman College Work-In/Lunch-In Every Wednesday  
NYCCT Tabling and T-Shirt Making March 14
Queens College Public Office Hours Every Day