Building on National Adjunct Action Week

Updated: October 2, 2015
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After a successful week of organizing during National Adjunct Action Week, adjunct faculty are working with their PSC chapters to build adjunct power in the union and support the union's contract demands for job security and movement toward pay parity. To get involved in the contract campaign and the adjunct union membership drive, contact Sam Lewis ( come to the next "first Friday" meeting of the committee for part-time instructional staff.

Know an adjunct who's not a member of the union? Send them the We Are CUNY Adjuncts Flier/Fact Sheet.

National Adjunct Action Week

Adjunct faculty worked with their PSC chapters to organize campus actions the week of Feb. 23 – Feb. 27 in support of (#NAAW). Adjuncts on campuses across the country participated in the week, organizing all types of events and actions, from teach-ins to tabling actions, to speak-outs and forums. The week is inspired by the call for a National Adjunct Walkout Day (#NAWD). NY State law prohibits walkouts for public employees, including CUNY faculty, and imposes steep penalties, but there are many ways to take action in support of adjuncts this week.

Schedule of National Adjunct Action Week events at CUNY.

During the week of action, PSC chapters hosted town hall meetings, and set up tables to distribute leaflets and buttons. Some even handed out roses (“We Want Bread, and Roses Too”). The chapter at The Graduate Center partnered with the CUNY Adjunct Project to drop a banner. The goals were to make the university community more aware of the PSC’s contract demands on behalf of part-time workers, to increase adjunct membership in the union, and to educate adjuncts and continuing education teachers about their rights and benefits.