Coping with Unforeseen Course Work Scheduling Changes or Cancellations

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I am a retired music teacher who is currently hired as an adjunct lecturer in the [department omitted] at [college omitted]. I am teaching a required course to Elementary Education Majors entitled CLASSROOM MUSIC, MUSIC 261. In addition, once a year, I teach a required course to MUSIC EDUCATION MAJORS, Elementary Seminar in General Music, MUSIC 365.

This is only my second year teaching at [college omitted], so the questions you have posted do not apply to me. #4-----Coping with unforeseen course work scheduling changes/or cancellations-----is something I can see being a problem. In full disclosure, I am a graduate of the [college omitted] Music program (1978) and I am familiar with how the program works. I do not have alternative plans in place.