Appendix M: Payment for Defined Projects Through Stipends

In addition to the existing ability of the colleges and the University to grant reassigned time or make payment on an hourly basis, the parties agree to enter into a pilot program that will give the colleges and the University the discretion to pay faculty via stipends for work on certain defined projects that are not part of the employee’s normal responsibilities and that include a specific deliverable in a specified timeframe. The terms of the pilot program are as follows:

  • The pilot program governing stipends will be for five academic years, beginning with the 2019-2020 academic year through the end of the 2023-2024 academic year.
  • Eligibility for stipends will be limited to full-time faculty members who are on the regular University payroll and who have a continuing CUNY appointment.
  • Stipends may not exceed $10,000 per project.
  • Stipends will be taxable, pensionable and subject to normal payroll deductions.
  • The amount of stipend pay will be determined by the scope and complexity of the project, not by the title or underlying salary of the recipient. It is understood that stipends will be awarded for projects that are not part of the faculty member’s normal workload or responsibilities.
  • Stipends will be paid for work on defined projects deliverable within a specified timeframe. Projects for which faculty are paid a stipend must be completed within a defined period of time that may not exceed one year.
  • A letter specifying the terms of the stipend must be signed by both the faculty member and the President’s designee.
  • Projects for which stipends are paid will be limited to: University or college strategic initiatives, course development as part of a University or college initiative, and leadership roles in accreditation processes. Other defined projects may be stipended if approved by the Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost or his/her designee.
  • Stipends may not be used to replace reassigned time that is normally allocated for administrative leadership of departments, programs or schools.
  • No stipend may be less than $500. Work requiring payment below $500 will continue to be paid at the appropriate non-teaching adjunct rate.
  • Except to the extent, if any, that a stipend is awarded in an amount below $500 or above $10,000; that a stipend is awarded to someone who is not a full-time faculty member; that a stipend is awarded for a project that will exceed one year or is being used to replace reassigned time that is normally allocated for administrative leadership of departments, programs or schools; or that a college fails to pay an agreed-upon stipend, all decisions regarding stipends, including, but not limited to, assignments covered, the amount of the stipend, and the individual to whom the stipend is awarded, shall remain discretionary with the college and/or the University and are not subject to the provisions of Article 20.
  • The Colleges will track the stipends awarded each year of the pilot, and the University’s Office of Academic Affairs will provide the Union with a summary report at the end of each academic year.
  • Ownership of any copyright in work paid for with a stipend as part of the pilot project shall be as follows:
    1. If the work consists of creating scholarly or pedagogical work such as instructional materials, classroom presentations, curriculum, etc., then the faculty member shall own any copyright.
    2. If the work is other than creating scholarly or pedagogical work, for example if the work consists of creating personnel manuals, written policies, administrative handbooks, etc., then the University shall own any copyright.