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September 2018

In a 5-4 decision this past June in the case of Janus v. AFSCME, the court’s conservative majority ruled that mandatory agency shop fees were a form of compelled speech – despite union arguments to the court that political speech by unions is paid with other monies and that the agency shop fee system was an integral part of maintaining labor peace in the public sector.

PSC President Barbara Bowen addresses the progress in bargaining and the need to organize a massive union presence for the September 27 demonstration in the financial district.

This summer the PSC bargaining committee pushed forward its bargaining agenda with CUNY management. While bargaining continues, the force of the entire membership is needed in order to make the contract demands a priority for the City, State and CUNY management.

The PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund announced new improvements for dental care and hearing-aid coverage this summer.

For years, anti-labor forces have been working to limit the power of unions. Emails, direct mails and fake alternative organizations are some of the deceptive measures they're using.

Software: good for students? CUNY is going forward with using algorithmic software for academic advisement. But without investing in staff, can it work?

Politicians have recently supported the state’s ban on strikes by government workers. A renowned labor law expert makes the case for getting rid of it.