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September 2014

As of October 1, adjunct health insurance will be provided by CUNY through the NYC Health Benefits Program, as has long been the case for full-time faculty & staff. Eligible adjuncts must sign up for the new program before Sept. 19 to assure continuous coverage. See also: Union Victory on Adjunct Health Coverage

The PSC and CUNY management have made some progress in contract talks. But CUNY has not yet put forward an economic offer, and union negotiators are pressing management to do so. See also: Union Presses For Economic Offer / PSC Plans Protest, Mass Meeting

What's expected to be the largest climate march in history will take place on Sunday, Sept. 21 in New York City before a week-long UN summit on climate change. Many PSC members will attend the march, to demand decisive action to curb carbon pollution. See also: Why I'm Marching on September 21

CUNY's new chancellor, J.B. Milliken, visited a number of campuses after he took office in June. Most faculty and staff were not part of these small campus meetings, so Clarion asked PSC members what they would like to tell the chancellor. They have a lot to say-- and you can add your voice as well.

Two very different pension plans are available to new full-time faculty and staff. If you are a newly hired full-timer at CUNY, you must make a choice within your first 30 days.