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September 2011

Monday, September 26. Baruch College at 4:00 pm. Be there to help push CUNY to do what’s right, as the union kicks off its campaign to prevent the loss of health insurance for CUNY adjuncts.

This issue of Clarion focuses on that campaign, which may be the most important the PSC has waged in a generation. The issue is most urgent, of course, for our colleagues whose access to health care is directly threatened. But the stakes are high for all of us.

Frequently Asked Questions about adjunct health insurance at CUNY and the fight to save it.

This summer, the trustees of the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund reluctantly concluded that the financial structure for adjunct health insurance had become unsustainable. A trustee writes about that decision, and what kind of change is needed to prevent an end to adjunct coverage.

Providing health insurance is not a frill; it’s a basic obligation of any decent employer. A call to action for all CUNY faculty and staff.

PSC members share their views about the adjunct health care crisis.

Protest in support of adjunct health care on Monday, Sept. 26, at the CUNY Board of Trustees
● Send a letter and sign the petition.
● Share your story-- adjuncts and full-timers can both speak out.
Join the organizing committee.