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October 2016

There's a lot at stake in the November 8 election. Defeating Donald Trump at the polls is only the first step toward progress. There's a lot more electoral work to be done.

Building on the last contract fight, a city-wide coalition has put forth an agenda to keep CUNY affordable and robust with a full-time faculty.

CUNY Rising, a coalition of the PSC and other community and student allies, has issued a student bill of rights, which envisions what every student is entitled to at New York City's public colleges.

A major breakthrough in the new union contract is job security for long-serving adjuncts. Through a structure that's currently being implemented, adjuncts can now be evaluated for three-year appointments. Before this new provision, adjunct work was completely contingent without any security.

In their new book, Austerity Blues: Fighting for the Soul of Public Higher Education, Graduate Center professors Michael Fabricant and Stephen Brier describe the forces invovled in defunding public higher education. The book analyzes how neoliberal measures in higher education have hurt students and faculty, and they lay out a vision on how to reimagine the university to best serve the needs of the public.

In order to build on the progressive movements that have gained traction in recent years, left-leaning liberals should vote for Hillary Clinton for presidency. If she's elected, the progressive causes that helped secure her victory must continue to organize and hold her accountable.

In the reportedly most shared tweet of the second debate, Moustafa Bayoumi encapsulated Donald Trump's sexism and Islamophobia in less than 140 characters.

CUNY's American Social History Project celebrates 35 years of documenting history through the eyes of working people.

There's a mistaken belief that raises for PSC members must always be funded by tuition hikes. CUNY faculty, staff and students are working to dispel that myth and ensure that contractual raises should not come at the expense of keeping CUNY affordable.

In an effort to increase youth voter turnout, PSC members at Hostos held a "talk, text and vote," where students talked to others about the upcoming elections.

The union is moving forward on a major gain in the new contract for HEOs by helping create labor-managment committees where reclassification and assignment differential requests will be awarded.

The new PSC-CUNY contract awarded sign-on bonuses to union members. In October, members began to see the extra money, and they share how they plan to spend the money.