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October 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE: As we went to press, PSC President Barbara Bowen announced that the union plans to hold a strike authorization vote sometime in the next several months. Bowen emphasized that it will be a vote to authorize the PSC's Executive Council to call a strike if necessary; the union's goal is to achieve a good contract without the need to take a job action. An affirmative vote by the PSC membership would "give the union the power to use labor's strongest weapon, if, after everything else is tried, we cannot achieve a fair solution any other way."

Nearly 1,000 people turned out for a protest outside of Chancellor Milliken's luxury apartment. The spirited crowd made it known that the Chancellor must do more in order to work toward a fair contract. See also:Keep Fighting For Your Contract * Members Take Action, Make Plans

A little-known group flush with funding from the Koch network, is behind the Supreme Court case that threatens unions in a big way.

With senior colleges facing a 3 percent budget shortfall, faculty, staff and students shoulder the burden, facing larger class sizes and short supplies.

A novel hashtag campaign calls attention to campus decay, bringing members and administrators together to solve problems.