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November 2020

Increasing class size. Unsafe campus reopenings. Fears of Draconian budget cuts from Albany. The union is organizing during this extraordinary time by fighting on all fronts for CUNY faculty, staff and students.

Members at the Hunter College Campus Schools fought against unsafe reopening. Members won safety inspections, but the struggle goes on.

PSC faces ballooning class size. Members talk about how the increases in the number of students in a class affect their teaching and students' learning.

CUNY laid off thousands of dedicated adjunct instructors. Adjuncts – and full-timers – are fighting back with the union against this injustice.

A lifelong unionist and activist looks back at her two-decade career as executive director of the PSC, leaving an important activist legacy.

Several PSC chapters have elected new leaders. These new chapter chairs are seasoned activists who are organizing members in trying times.