Clarion Masthead

November 2019

In this special issue of Clarion, the union presents to the members a pathbreaking proposed equity contract that substantially raises wages for adjunct instructors and lifts pay for some of CUNY's lowest paid titles. It is complicated agreement that came together after nearly two year of bargaining, direct action and lobbying. Every member should take time and review what this proposed agreement means -- and then cast their vote.

After a Special Delegate Assembly – and lots of debate – the union’s elected representatives voted to send the tentative agreement to the members for a vote.

Since the expiration of the last contract in Fall 2017, the PSC has held marches, speak-outs, lobbying days and acts of civil disobedience to push for a fair contract.

The PSC’s bargaining team –made up of activists from around the CUNY system – worked tirelessly to promote the union’s agenda at the negotiating table.

The tentative agreement includes across-the-board raises and equity raises for adjuncts. CLTs and other titles. Here's the document in full.