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November 2017

PSC delegates agree to an ambitious set of collective bargaining demands, kicking off the next stage of the union’s contract campaign.

This session of the Supreme Court hears cases that deal with vital labor issues, including one case that looks at whether forced arbitration agreements that ban collective or class legal actions violate federal labor law.

Brooklyn College faculty members respond to attacks from a notorious far-right extremist.

Labor has a lot to lose from a constitutional convention, while big money and special interests have a lot to gain. Vote no.

Thousands of members have signed new membership cards in preparation for a potential negative ruling at the Supreme Court.

The PSC bargaining team spent months carefully crafting demands for the entire bargaining unit. Several team members reflect on the demands and prepare to bargain with CUNY for a new contract.

In light of often confusing moves by the White House in regard to DACA, activists are doing all they can to protect CUNY's undocumented students.

Faculty, staff and students demanded CUNY’s Board of Trustees urge Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign a bill for fair funding of CUNY.