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November 2011

As hundreds of PSC members protested at a meeting of the Board of Trustees, CUNY's chancellor announced that the University will seek funding for adjunct health insurance in its upcoming State budget request. Other articles in this issue analyze what comes next, and how you can make a difference:

A Step Forward - But Just the First Step
Adjunct Health Care: What You Can Do

Power, politics and timing: how they shape the union's efforts to achieve the kind of contract that PSC members need. Union president Barbara Bowen reports on the strategic picture, and where we stand today.

The PSC is preparing a lawsuit against CUNY’s “Pathways” process that is overhauling colleges’ general education and transfer requirements. The union contends that the process bypasses faculty governance.

Labor and Occupy Wall Street have developed a supportive relationship. The two groups have very different organizational cultures, but have both been battered by the recession and policies that favor the wealthy over the 99%. Plus, PSC members' stories and perspectives:
PSC Members Assist OWS
Viewpoint: Four Perspectives on Occupy Wall Street