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May 2018

Nearly 100 PSC activists descended on the state capital to build support for the additional funding that will be needed to raise adjunct pay to $7,000 per course. "Wage justice for CUNY adjuncts, educational justice for CUNY students," they demanded at meetings and at a rally at the capital's million dollar staircase.

The state's allocation to CUNY was only nominally increased by four percent, but the budget also included pro-labor measures that would help organizing efforts at public unions.

Because of years of organizing, the union was able to break a 30-year stalemate on teaching loads. Sustained union pressure is needed to ensure that the agreement is implemented properly.

One hundred percent of LaGuardia full-time faculty sign union cards

Renée Lasher has been helping faculty and staff with their grievances for several years. Now she takes the helm as the PSC's director of contract enforcement.

The student movement against activity fee reform has forced the CUNY Board of Trustees to relent slightly, but activists still see their rights at risk.

A new report shows the terrible working conditions at many CUNY cafeterias. With the help from the PSC and students, workers are fighting back.