Clarion Masthead

May 2015

Hundreds of PSC activists gathered in a rainy-day rally outside of Hunter, urging movement on salary and on non-economic demands such as adjunct job security, full-time teaching load and HEO advancement.

The PSC asks City lawmakers to fund CUNY in a way "worthy of a progressive city with a progressive leadership." Ahead of the June 30 municipal budget deadline, union members are meeting with their City Council representatives to seek their support.

The new State budget does not cover mandatory increases in CUNY's costs, falling short for CUNY. Tax revenues are rising, but forced austerity still defined Albany’s spending plan.

Albany’s newly approved spending plan includes special tax breaks for expensive yachts and private planes. The breaks were added in the final hours of budget negotiation with zero public discussion.

Join PSC efforts in grassroots lobbying of City and State representatives. Elected officials can act to support funding for a contract worthy of CUNY - and targeted local meetings are the most effective way to convince them to do it.