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May 2014

Education faculty have been sharply critical of edTPA, a new teacher certification exam that they say reduces teacher education to preparing for a high-stakes test. After months of organizing by the PSC and its education union allies, New York State agreed to delay full implementation.

Teacher and transit worker unions have announced tentative contract agreements. After years of frozen labor relations for public workers in NYC, this marks a change - but with 151 expired contracts still to go, resolving them all will take some time.

A Brooklyn College resolution demands that the college administration abide by decisions of local faculty designing new general education programs. The overwhelming 'Yes' vote in favor of that demand was yet another 'No' to Pathways.

"START-UP NY" gives huge tax breaks to selected businesses, offering them space on CUNY and SUNY campuses. Will that benefit CUNY and the public? It's up for debate.

This summer marks 50 years since Freedom Summer in Mississippi, a crucial Civil Rights campaign that helped pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Queens College alumni and faculty discuss their own involvement with the movement, and passing it on to new generations.