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May 2013

Ballots will soon be mailed to full-time CUNY faculty in a vote on a no-confidence motion on the Pathways curriculum plan. The vote is being conducted by the American Arbitration Association, and will take place between May 9 and May 31.
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The May referendum on on the Pathways curriculum comes at a key moment for CUNY. “This vote is an opportunity to send an unequivocal message to CUNY’s new administration,” says PSC President Barbara Bowen. “A clear ‘no-confidence’ statement on Pathways will come at a strategic time.”
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Chancellor Matthew Goldstein will resign this summer. Graduate Center President William Kelly is taking over as interim chancellor on July 1.

From the moment her women’s studies classes begin, adjunct lecturer Patti Ackerman presides over a rolling series of discussions and debates that challenge her students to think about gender and its relationship to other issues such as race and class.