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March 2018

The Supreme Court is almost certain to hand down a negative ruling for unions in Janus v. AFSCME. What would the ruling mean for the PSC? What is behind the case? And how are members preparing for the future.

Labor has been one of the bulwarks for protecting workers and ensuring that at least some economic growth is shared by workers. It's because of the organized threat that the labor movement poses that right-wing forces have been steadily pressing to erode labor rights.

The PSC held a lively forum about a controversial proposal at the School of Professional Studies that could threaten faculty governance.

PSC members are pushing the city and state for full funding for higher education, including for ‘$7K’ for adjuncts.

Students protested a Board of Trustees proposal on the administration of student fees. Many say the change is undemocratic.

Voting in the union-wide general election takes place in April. Meet the candidates and learn how to cast your ballot by phone or internet.