Clarion Masthead

June/July 2017

The union is embarking on a grassroots, rank-and-file "recommitment" campaign to keep the union strong if a potential Supreme Court case deals a shattering blow to unions, including the PSC. Members are energized and talking to each other about why this is such a critical moment for the PSC.

Many adjunct faculty have received multiyear appointments and more job security in a pilot program under the new contract.

Nearly 9,000 members responded to the union's online survey conducted at the end of May. See the survey response rates.

The union responds to executive searches that lack transparency.

Several PSC chapters held elections this spring and the union welcomes new delegates in addition to new chapter chairs at John Jay and City College.

After union action on an infiltration of rats on the Queens campus, the situation is now under control.

Two filmmakers delve into the story of NYPD infiltration of a Muslim group at Brooklyn College and spark a conversation about trust on campus.

A new online master's program in American history was pushed through without input from history department chairs. The union and faculty governance bodies are raising concerns.

In a district that went for Trump and has had Republican representatives, NYSUT member Christine Pellegrino won the race for state assembly with a more than 15-point lead.