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Summer 2016

After six years without a contract, the PSC concluded negotiations with CUNY, arriving at an agreement that includes a 10.4 percent increase in salaries, including back pay. The final phase of negotiations closed with a round-the-clock bargaining session that also broke ground for creating a more reasonable teaching load.

Memorandum of Agreement | Major features of the settlement | Three ways to cast your vote

PSC President Barbara Bowen shares her assessment of the gains in the tentative contract and puts them in context of fiscal austerity in higher education.

PSC members who spent countless hours at the bargaining table reflect on some of the most significant gains in the contract agreement.

In spirited debate at the delegate assembly, elected representatives discussed merits of the tentative contract reached after months of negotiation.

Through civil disobedience, rallies, political lobbying and coalition building, PSC members have organized and fought for a fair contract.

After pressure from the PSC and students, the CUNY Board of Trustees decided to postpone voting on a controversial free speech policy that would have limited leafletting, tabling and posting of fliers to areas designated by college presidents