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February 2013

This year’s New York City elections could mark a turning point in city politics. Clarion spoke with several members of the PSC’s Legislative Committee about what’s at stake in 2013, the PSC’s plans, and how members can get involved.

As Clarion went to press, PSC President Barbara Bowen joined others in supporting Brooklyn College President Karen Gould’s defense of academic freedom when BC’s political science department came under attack for co-sponsoring a forum on the BDS movement, which calls for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

Medgar Evers College President William Pollard announced his resignation on January 30. His departure came after three-and-a-half rocky years in office and mounting problems at the college this semester, culminating with the school being warned this November that its accreditation was at risk.

CUNY’s central administration wants its Pathways curriculum on general education to be securely in place by Fall 2013. But as the Spring 2013 semester began, that time frame was looking more difficult to achieve.

"The question few people want to grapple with is, For whom are we reinventing college?...The pundits and disrupters, many of whom enjoyed liberal-arts educations at elite colleges, herald a revolution in higher education that is not for people like them or their children, but for others."