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Nov/Dec 2016

The election of Donald Trump and the Republican control of Congress will change the political landscape and possibly reverse hard-won gains around labor organizing, immigrant rights, climate change, racial justice and other critical issues. PSC members share what policies they think could come from a Trump administration and how to organize in the years ahead.

The union joined students at three assemblies calling for more investment in higher education.

A recent report by the state's Inspector General found financial abuse and lack of oversight. The Cuomo administration has vowed to make changes, and some have already happened.

Armed with information, two PSC activists testified before City Council, countering the CUNY administration's rosy portrayal of the Pathways program, which the union has called 'austerity education.'

A federal investigation by the US Department of Education found violations in how Hunter College handled more than a dozen sexual harassment and assault allegations. The Upper East Side campus is addressing how the college responds to sexual harassment.

Queens College department chairs have documented the loss of full-time faculty lines, helping to organize the chapter and providing an opportunity to confront the administration about the matter.

In this moment of right-wing populism, a professor who studies higher education issues argues that now is not the time to hesitate and remain neutral. Academics should take a public stance against right-wing populism – both inside and outside the academy – and ensure that threats to vulnerable communities are not tolerated.