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December 2013

Bill de Blasio was considered a long shot when the PSC endorsed him in June. On November 5, he won by a historic 3-to-1 margin. And 39 of the 51 members of the new City Council were elected with PSC support. But the PSC also won in another, perhaps deeper way: a major issue in this election was the need to increase CUNY funding.

On Campus Equity Week, PSC members organized events at a total of 13 CUNY colleges. For the union, a central focus this year was gathering first-person stories from part-timers about how the contingent nature of their employment affects them, their students and CUNY as a whole.

On November 6, oral arguments were heard in the two lawsuits against CUNY’s Pathways initiative brought by the PSC and the University Faculty Senate (UFS).

Since this summer, CUNY management has angered professional staff by unilaterally imposing an inflexible new time-sheet system that they say does not reflect the realities of their jobs. Now they are taking action together through a CUNY-wide petition campaign.

A “Policy on Expressive Activity” drafted by CUNY’s central administration in June drew sharp criticism when it became public in October. A newly revised version drops some provisions that had sparked objections, but it leaves the central elements in place.