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December 2012

At least six people with close CUNY ties were among the more than 40 New Yorkers killed as a result of Sandy. Several CUNY campuses were flooded, evacuation shelters were opened at 10 others, and no classes were held for nearly a week. Meanwhile faculty, staff and students aided their fellow New Yorkers in countless ways.

At mid-semester, the conflict over Pathways continues. A college president tried to block the election of a Pathways critic as a department chair, but was forced to back down. Calls for a moratorium on Pathways implementation won new support. And a union grievance charged that CUNY's imposition of Pathways violates the contract.

In the closing weeks of the presidential campaign, prominent pundits insisted that the election was a “toss-up.” Analysts who relied on careful statistical analysis disagreed. The dispute holds some lessons-- for our students, and all the rest of us-- about the role of specialized knowledge in our society.