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April 2011

The PSC has mounted a multi-pronged campaign against Gov. Cuomo's austerity budget that has included thousands of member e-mails and phone calls, a TV ad campaign, lobbying trips to the capital, testimony at legislative hearings, meetings in legislators’ local offices and more.

Months before Andrew Cuomo proposed his 2011 budget – or was even elected New York State’s governor – a small group of New York power brokers began organizing a business coalition that would support Cuomo’s efforts to balance the state’s budget through spending cuts that target public service and public workers.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's attempt to gut the collective bargaining rights of most of the state's public employees sparked the the largest, most dynamic action by the labor movement in several decades. Clarion reporter John Tarleton joined the occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol building from February 25 to 27 and files this report.

On April 4, 1968, an assassin robbed us of one of the greatest prophetic voices of the 20th century. While many people know that Martin Luther King died in Memphis, many don’t know that he died while fighting for the right of public workers to have a union.